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Most investors are familiar with legendary or guru investors such as Warren Buffett, George Soros, Carl Icahn, and others. Many indeed regularly follow their investing activities via their fund’s quarterly SEC 13-F filings, and also their more frequent 5% ownership SC 13D/G filings. Similarly, many follow the world’s largest or mega fund managers such as Fidelity, Vanguard, BlackRock and 24 others, that together account for about half of the U.S. Equity discretionary fund assets. Investor interest in these guru and mega fund investors is evident, and also supported by our own experiences, based on the reception to our articles on leading financial blogs, Seeking Alpha and Motley Fool.

We have observed strong correlation between top funds consensus buys & sells, and stock movements in the following quarters, as has been documented very well in many of our over 800 blog articles on Seeking Alpha. Many of them are summarized by industry group here, illustrating the predictive power of our Consensus Picks’&#8482 based system. In our own tests over multiple quarters, we have seen top-ranked stocks outperform market averages by wide margins, and our ‘Top 20 Small-Cap’ and ‘Top 30 All-Cap Long/Short’ newsletter strategies have also outperformed comparable market averages by wide margins over the last four quarters.

This website is in response to the tremendous reception we have had to our Seeking Alpha articles, where many of our readers have asked for more granular and comprehensive information on the top consensus buy & sell picks by our hand-picked top fund managers, especially in terms of our coverage of smaller and mid-cap companies. While we initially focused on just guru and mega funds, the effort quickly expanded to include four other groups, namely, sector-focused fund managers, billionaire & billionaire fund managers, new masters fund managers, and tiger fund managers, totaling over 300 leading fund managers organized into these six fund groups.

Our initial offering was ‘Membership Tiers’ offering access to top consensus picks’ for one or more fund groups. This was expanded to include ‘Channel Subscriptions’ for sector specialists, offering access to top consensus picks’ for all six fund groups, but only for industries in the selected channel. Both of our initial offerings were geared to the DIY, active investors. Next, based on customer feedback, we launched an easy-to-use ‘Newsletter’ targeting long-term and passive investors, who may not have the time to do their own research. Our trade alerts service is the latest addition to our suite of offerings, targeting the active trader, and offering the opportunity to trade with us.

The GuruFundPicks.com team is led by two partners. The senior partner, Manish Babla (click here for LinkedIn Profile), has an MBA from a Top 10 School, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, and an MS in Engineering from the University of Washington. His prior experience includes Management Strategy consulting for a top tier global management consulting firm, providing business and operational strategy consulting to Fortune 500 companies on CEO-agenda issues. In addition, he has over a decade of full-time experience in successfully trading a family partnership long/short equity fund. The junior partner is a graduate of New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business, with experience in auditing for a top four public accounting firm, accounting for Fortune 500 companies, and investing. Both partners have authored over 800 articles on Seeking Alpha, a leading financial website.

Our Services
GuruFundPicks&#174 provides you with a unique service, namely Consensus Buy & Sell Picks’ from Wall Street’s 300+ top fund mangers. We offer four options to use the power of our system to enhance your investment returns. For DIY, active investors, including investment professionals, that want to supplement their own research, we recommend our membership tiers, which will grant access to the entire Consensus Picks’&#8482 database, and offers you the ability to generate your own customized top industry pick reports for the selected fund group(s). For the sector specialists, we recommend channel memberships that allow access to our database for top picks’ from all six fund groups, but only for industries included in the selected channel(s).

For long-term and passive investors, we recommend our newsletters, that pick from the top 1% of top buys & sells, a select basket of stocks, re-balancing once every quarter. For active traders, we recommend our trade alert service, giving subscribers the opportunity to participate with us on our trades. In addition, we also offer free guest access to the latest summarized 13-F & SC 13D/G SEC filings for all .

incl. 79 Guru, 27 Mega, 141 sector, 57 billionaires, 54 New Masters & 40 Tiger fund managers. Approximately 250 of our hand-picked top 300+ fund managers are hedge fund managers, and the remaining 50 are mutual fund managers. For more info on these top fund managers, click on the tabs in the right column.