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Latest SEC 13D/G 5% Ownership Filings By Fund: Three Year Archive

Including 13D/G Filings By Over 330 of Wall St.’s Leading Fund Managers Organized in Seven Fund Groups

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1The ‘SC 13D/G Archive’ screening tool, and the sample report below the tool are images.
2Members can access over two years of SC 13D/G filings by over 330 of Wall St.’s top fund managers for any combination of fund group(s), manager(s) and sector(s).
3You can, for example, get all filings by BlackRock Inc. in the Energy Sector, or you can, for example, get all filings by Guru Fund Mgrs. in Healthcare, or you can, for example, get all filings by Billionaires in all Sectors combined – all sorted to show the recent ones first.
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