Story:   Our CEO, Mr. Manish Babla, founded GuruFundPicks, LLC in 2011, at about the same time he started sharing his research on financial blog Seeking Alpha.

His objective was to share the knowledge, skills and systems he had developed in over two decades of outperforming the markets, including a 3-year period during which he generated 2,600% return for his family partnership fund Ganaxi Capital.

The system that led him to outperform the markets is supported by three legs: fundamental analysis to pick strong high-growth stocks at reasonable valuations, technical analysis to time the trade, and a third leg that held the key to the vault.

This third leg consists in leveraging off of the collective or Consensus Picks’™ of the World’s top fund managers that consistently outperform the markets, those like Buffet and Soros that have the earned the right to be called Gurus.

We are not talking here about the picks of any one star fund manager, be he even Buffet. The power of this system is unlocked by honing in on what a multitude of them pick, over multiple quarters.

It is this third leg that Mr. Babla and his business partner, Ms. Sheth, set out to build when they launched GuruFundPicks.

Consensus Picks:   We launched with 78 Guru & 27 Mega funds, building on the ~50 Gurus that Mr. Babla had been following for 15 years. In time, we added Sector, Billionaire, New Masters, Tiger & Activist funds, totaling 330+ top funds. In 2015, we added WinnersCircle™ Top 100 funds.

We launched with the ‘Industry Screen’, and now offer ten screen & tools to help DIY investors pick stocks based on custom criteria. We added GuruRank®, a measure of the relative attractiveness of each stock to top funds, and GuruValue™, that is a dynamic target price at which top funds would value it today.

Newsletters:   Two newsletters, based on Consensus Picks’™ were added Nov. 2012. The Top 20 Small-Cap newsletter returned 96.5% since inception vs. 42.5% for the market.

Trade Alerts:   Added Oct. 2013, it is also offered as an auto-trade option via our partner, online broker DittoTrade®. It leverages off of our stock-picking expertise, and , has returned 545.6% since Oct. 2013 vs. 65.7% for the markets.

Action: is not a blog. What differentiates us is that we provide actionable tools & services that have demonstrably proven their market-beating potential. We summarize SEC filings and extract intelligence from them to make it useful to you.

Qualifications:   Mr. Babla brings 20+ years trading experience, including a 2,600% return in 3 years for Ganaxi Capital.

He holds a M.S.(Engg.), and MBA from University of Virginia Darden School of Business. He has 10+ years consulting experience, including advising Fortune 500 Sr. Execs while working at Management Consultant A.T. Kearney. For more info, view his LinkedIn Profile.

Assisting him and Ms. Sheth, a graduate of the NYU Stern School of Business, is a team handling website design, marketing, data analysis & customer support to serve the thousands of subscribers that use our services.

Risk-free:   Our products come with a 7-day no obligation free trial & 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

We invite you to explore our services. If you are ready to start, click here for Consensus Picks Tools, here for Newsletters, and here for Trade Alerts.

If you have any questions or need more information, contact customer service.