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Is the Trade Alerts Service Right For Me?

Whether you are a novice or experienced investor or trader, our unique, market-beating, trade alerts system has the potential to super-charge your portfolio returns. You can selectively execute on the trade alerts on your own, or you can automate your trades for immediate execution via our partner, online broker DittoTrade®.

The service is particularly well-suited to busy professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as international customers, who may not have the time or willingness to do their own research, and cannot follow the markets during the trading day, but still want to generate above-average returns for their portfolio.

If you do not fit this profile, you should review our Consensus Picks Tools, suitable for DIY investors & traders, and our ConsensusAlpha Newsletters, suitable for all investors.

Which Trade Alerts Service is Right For Me?

If you want to automate your trade execution via our partner, online broker DittoTrade®, with the potential for improved pricing due to quicker execution, you should pick the ‘Trade Alerts Auto-Trade’ plan. If not, then the base ‘Trade Alerts’ service is right for you.

How do you Select Which Stocks to Trade?

At the core, we are stock pickers, screening for stocks with a huge catalyst for higher prices that is not yet factored into analyst estimates, creating a favorable risk/reward ratio. Our ideal target is a stock with higher fwd. growth than is baked into its price, and that is selling at a discount vs. its peers.

Besides news and quarter reports, we rely on our proprietary screens, tools & ratios developed over twenty years of trading the markets, including our Consensus Picks DIY tools, insider trading, and over a dozen other current & historical sector and stock-related analysis and indicators. Our picks are based on fundamental analysis, but we use technical analysis to more precisely time entries & exits.

Further examples of how we think about and analyze stocks can be found by gleaning through our over 900 articles on financial blogs, including Seeking Alpha.

How do you manage risk?

A number of different ways. One, diversification, as we generally hold ten-fifteen stocks, with an average of 7% weighting in each stock. And although over-invested in tech, we try to be not over-concentrated in any one tech industry group. Two, position sizing, as we size positions based on market-cap, stock and industry risk. Three, we trade only stocks, no options, futures or any other leverage instruments. Four, shorting and trading counter-cyclical stocks with a small portion of the portfolio, when market conditions warrant it. Five, we don’t day-trade, with our average holding period being about four weeks.

What do I get with Trade Alerts Membership?

  Trade Alert E-mails:
     – Avg. of three buy & three sell alerts per week.
     – Position sizing based on opportunity & risk.
     – Summary fundamental investment|trading thesis.
     – Buy-limits & stop-losses when appropriate.
     – Scaling in & out when appropriate.what
     – Sample buy alerts (PLUG, RJET, BLOX, PLNR & ZAGG).
     – Sample sell alerts (ACI, EJ, ASM, SZMK & MSON).
  End-of-week Trade Alerts Newsletter: Open discussion on
     every position, learning from our wins, misses and losses, and
     outlining any needed strategy revisions.
  Auto-Trade Execution: Alerts delivered to DittoTrade®
     for auto-trade execution, if you are signed up for it.

What Other Benefits Are Offered to Members?

All Trade Alert memberships offer following additional benefits:
  Access to latest SEC 13-F & SC 13D/G Filings by all 330+ of our
     top fund mgrs., updated daily and real-time.
  Advance early access to our ‘Top Ideas’ & other articles published on
     Seeking Alpha and other popular media, often 1-3 days before
     distribution via newswires & to SA Pro subscribers.
  Performance ranking of all 330+ top funds, updated weekly.
  Periodic e-mails outlining value opportunities opening up due to
     strong market and industry group price movements.
  Access to Advanced 13D/G Archive Screen (view here).
  Access to select data on All-Stock-Data-At-A-Glance page (view).

Can I Beat the Market Using Your System?

The performance of our trade alerts system is as illustrated on this page. Our trade alert e-mails are time-stamped for easy verification, should you choose to do so, and they are also easily retrievable from the performance tables on the member pages.

The alert prices used in calculating system performance correspond to the time the trade alerts were sent. In a study aggregating 350+ alerts sent during the first 14 mos. of trading, we found that the average price in the first 15 min. after the alerts were sent were 0.3% lower for buy alerts, in your favor, and 1.0% lower in the case of sell alerts. All of this data is available on the member pages.

Where slippage is still a concern, auto-trade alert execution, offered via DittoTrade® offers you the convenience, as well as the potential for better pricing.

If you still have any doubts, please contact us with your questions. We usually respond promptly, and always within 24 hours. Also, you should be assured that if you decide to give us a try, all of our memberships on come with a no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee, as long as you cancel before the first 30-days after you subscribe to one of our plans.

How do I Subscribe? What Are the Rates?

You can subscribe with your credit or debit card using the form below, and picking the right plan and subscription period. Users of PayPal & Google Checkout can purchase their subscription by clicking on the appropriate buttons at the bottom of the page.

The subscription rates are as follows:
  Trade Alerts Membership – $99/mos.|$249/qtr.|$749/year
  Trade Alerts Auto-Trade – $139/mos.|$339/qtr.|$999/year

Trade Alerts Service Results (Oct.’13 to Jan.’15)

  Portfolio Return:                                          26.6% in last 14 months
  Russell 2000 Index Return:                      9.8% in same period.
  Average Gain Per Winning Trade:         16.2%
  Average Holding Period:                            18.9 days

A sample of our big winners (by Sector):
Basic Materials
  Arch Coal (ACI): Sold 11/10/14 at $2.76 (up 49%).
  Arch Coal (ACI): Sold 10/16/14 at $2.16 (up 39%).
  Avino Silver & Gold (ASM): Sold 2/7/14 at $1.96 (up 46%).
  Lake Shore Gold (LSG): Sold 1/27/14 at $0.65 (up 30%).
Consumer & Retail
  Bebe Stores (BEBE): Sold 1/23/15 at $3.18 (up 24%).
  Autobytel (ABTL): Sold 11/12/13 at $10.93 (up 25%).
  E House China (EJ): Sold 7/25/14 at $11.50 (up 40%).
  Omega Protein (OME): Sold 11/22/13 at $14.39 (up 53%).
  Zagg (ZAGG): Sold 7/8/14 at $5.89 (up 36%).
  Immunocellular (IMUC): Sold 12/27/13 at $1.03 (up 45%).
  Immunocellular (IMUC): Sold 1/21/14 at $1.42 (up 37%).
  Misonix (MSON): Sold 9/23/14 at $11.65 (up 37%).
  OncoMed Pharma. (OMED): Sold 12/3/13 at $11.65 (up 21%).
  Sequenom (SQNM): Sold 1/21/14 at $1.42 (up 28%).
  Bitauto Hldgs. (BITA): Sold 11/18/13 at $32.74 (up 38%).
  Imation (IMN): Sold 3/4/14 at $6.50 (up 30%).
  Lionbridge Tech (LIOX): Sold 11/18/13 at $5.95 (up 54%).
  Plug Power (PLUG): Sold 1/3/14 at $2.59 (up 33%).
  Plug Power (PLUG): Sold 6/19/14 at $5.10 (up 19%).
  Plug Power (PLUG): Sold 5/13/14 at $4.50 (up 18%).
  Sizmek (SZMK): Sold 3/7/14 at $12.90 (up 32%).
  Violin Memory (VMEM): Sold 6/18/14 at $4.52 (up 34%).

Do you focus on any one Sector or group?

Yes and No. No, because we are opportunistic, and are in principle sector agnostic. Yes, because our bias for under-followed growth opportunities often lands us in the technology space. The graph below illustrates the Sector distribution of our picks since inception.

Do you focus on any particular market-cap?

Yes. Over the years, we have determined that our unique fundamentals-based news-event based strategy offers the best potential upside when focusing on the small-cap portion of the market. However, we are not exclusively focused on small-caps, and will trade mid- and large-caps when appropriate. To-date, about 85% of our trades have been in the small-cap space, with most of the remaining 15% in the mid-cap segment.

Do you buy penny stocks?

We are opportunistic, so we don’t rule out any stocks based on price. That having been said, we try extremely hard to avoid them, and will only consider them in exceptional situations where the potential upside is just too difficult to forgo, and that too if the company can pass through our rigorous checks for quality. The chart below illustrates the price distribution of our picks since inception. As indicated, stocks priced at <$2 constitute only about ten percent of our picks, with penny stocks (<$1) at less than half of that. The median price of our picks is usually in the $10 to $15 range.

Our Credentials

Our founder & CEO, Manish Babla (click here for his LinkedIn Profile) has more than two decades of experience investing, including the last thirteen years doing it full-time, during which he has out-performed the markets using his proprietary event-driven strategy. The strategy is based in part also on his strong educational background and experience, including an M.S. (Engg.), MBA from a top-ten school, and providing business strategy consulting to tech, consumer & energy sector Fortune 100 clients.

GuruFundPicks is also a top author on leading financial blog Seeking Alpha, writing over 900 premium & ‘Top Ideas’ articles since early 2011. Our articles have also been featured on Motley Fool, CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, and other portals.

For additional details regarding the AlphaNewsEdge Trade Alerts Memberships or any of our other services (including Consensus Picks DIY Tools and Newsletters), please refer to our frequently asked questions or FAQ page, or you may also contact us. We usually respond to all e-mail inquiries within 24 hours.

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What Our Subscribers Are Saying About Us

…Wow! I can’t believe my portfolio was up in January while markets took a nosedive. Thanks!

J. Simon | Riverside, CA

I like that you include fundamental ‘thesis’ (in your alerts). It is informative and educational.

A. Dunbar | Detroit, MI

I have followed you on Seeking Alpha, and have benefited from many of your picks. I appreciate the opportunity to subscribe to your service.

T. Ritz | Houston, TX

Your devotion and attention is commendable… I appreciate your 2nd note on PLUG even after you sold it earlier. It helped me get out near the top.

C. Carlson | Boston, MA

Thank you for your prompt response, which is a hallmark of your service….I would also say that your service is the first which I have seen which does not overstate your gains.

I. Rampaul-Cheddie | Trinidad & Tobago

I buy only large-caps, so your service was not for me… You do the cancellation very well, prompt, honest.

E. Ramon | New York, NY