Transaction Page For Failed Credit Card Transactions

Reason: New Credit Card – OR – Credit Card Expiration Date Changed

Important: Please log-in first before entering your new CC details.

Authorize.Net configuration error. Your Authorize.Net Signature Key is not yet configured.

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Dear :

We received notification recently that your credit card transaction for the current period did not go through, as the credit card expiration date has changed for the current card, or you will be using a new credit card.

To ensure that your subscription continues uninterrupted, we will need to do two things.

One, please select your membership and term and then fill out the credit card transaction form on the left side of the page (Please do not e-mail us ANY card details). This will ensure that the transaction goes through during the next cycle when the payment is due for the next term.

Two, once the subscription is confirmed, we will need to charge you a one-time pro-rated amount for continued service during the currently lapsed term. This does not require any action on your part.

By signing on to the form, you are authorizing us to (i) charge the subscription amount during the next and succeeding renewals, and (ii) the one-time charge for the currently lapsed term.