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What is

We are a provider of actionable tools & services that have demonstrably proven their market-beating potential. Our Trade alerts service has returned 545.6% vs. 65.7% for the markets, since inception in Oct. 2013, and our Top 20 Small-Cap Newsletter based on our proprietary Consensus Picks™ system returned 96.5% vs. 42.5%, since inception in Nov. 2012.

We summarize SEC filings and extract intelligence from them to make it useful to you. Our Consensus Picks™ system based on this offers the average investor access to a Mastermind of 330+ of our hand-picked top fund managers. Top rated stocks based on the system have a track record of beating the markets.

What is the Consensus Picks System?

The Consensus Picks™ system scans, tracks & analyzes the latest SEC filings of all 330+ top fund managers, and assigns each of 6,700+ stocks owned by them in 250+ peer groups a GuruRank® and GuruValue™.

GuruRank® measures the relative attractiveness of each stock to top fund managers, on a 1-to-5 scale, with 5 being bullish. GuruValue™ is a dynamic target price at which we estimate top funds value the stock today.

Members can access this data, available over eight-plus quarters, using ten different screens & tools, and combine it with fundamentals and charts, to screen for top ideas based on their custom criteria.

The 330+ top fund managers include 78 Gurus, 27 of the world’s largest or Mega funds, 165 Sector-focused funds, 59 Billionaires, 54 New Masters, 40 Tigers and 52 Activist funds. The 165 sector funds include 27 energy, 29 consumer, 23 finance, 7 gold, 11 real estate, 25 healthcare & 43 tech funds. Also, every quarter, we pick the 100 top performing funds based on TTM returns for inclusion in our WinnersCircle™ fund group.

What Services Do We Offer?

We offer the following market-beating services:

  • Consensus Picks Tools for DIY investors|Traders.
  • ConsensusAlpha Newsletter for all investors.
  • AlphaNewsEdge Trade Alerts for active traders, available as self & auto-trade execution.
  • SEC Filing Summaries– Qtr. 13F’s & Daily 13D/G’s – free to all visitors & registered guests.

How Have Our Systems Performed?

Top-line performance numbers of our market-beating Newsletter and Trade Alerts systems are reported in the left column. You can find more granular info on their sign-up pages, here and here, including a sample of our winning picks and additional stats.

Charts of recent winners from our Consensus Picks™ system are illustrated at the bottom of this page. Many more from prior quarters can be viewed on the sign-up pages for DIY Tools & Newsletters. In addition, you may review over 900 premium articles we have written on leading financial blog Seeking Alpha.

Where Can I Find More Information?

For a quick overview of all of our services, watch the slideshow above. For a deeper understanding of our Consensus Picks™ DIY Tools service, visit the Industry Screen, Multi-criteria Screen, All-Stock-Data-At-A-Glance, and Signup pages. For Newsletters and Trade Alert Services, visit their respective sign-up pages here and here. For access to free filings, Register for Free or log-in with your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts.

For our story, visit the About Us page. And if you still have more questions, contact us.

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  • 78 Guru Funds

    78 of Wall Street’s legendary or Guru Fund Managers, including icons such as Warren Buffet, Carl Icahn, Seth Klarman, and 75 others, who by virtue of their stellar long-term market-beating returns have earned their standing in the investment community. The credentials of many of them have been highlighted in our articles on leading financial blog SeekingAlpha, and also linked to on the 13-F page for the specific fund.

  • 27 Mega Funds

    27 of the World’s largest or Mega Fund Managers, with total combined assets under management of $30 Trillion. Together, they control over half of the U.S. equity discretionary assets.

  • 165 Sector Funds

    165 Sector-Focused Fund Managers, that have most of their assets concentrated in a single sector, including 29 consumer, 27 energy, 23 finance, 7 gold, 25 healthcare, 11 real estate and 43 tech-focused sector funds.

  • 59 Billionaires

    59 Billionaires & Billionaire Fund Managers, including the personal assets of Billionaires, such as Bill & Melinda Gates, and Michael Dell, and funds managed by billionaires.

  • 54 New Masters

    54 New Masters Fund Managers, including those with recent strong performance and/or recognition, but that have not yet earned the status of being called Gurus.

  • 40 Tiger Funds

    40 Tiger Fund Managers, including Tiger Cubs, Grand-cubs, & Great Grand-cubs that honed their skills based on Julian Robertson’s Tiger Management, employing a research-intensive traditional long/short equity strategy, picking solid companies to buy and bad ones to short.

  • 52 Activist Funds

    52 Shareholder Activist Fund Managers, typically hedge fund managers, that take a 10% or larger stake in company to “influence” management to help unlock value, i.e., pressure management to effect changes that will lead to an increase in share prices. Typical strategies include management and board changes, financial re-structuring, corporate reorganization, acquisitions & divestitures, etc.

  • 100 Winners Circle

    The top 100 of our hand-picked funds, based on returns in the latest quarter and year, updated every quarter at re-balance time. These are funds that have attained exceptional returns in recent quarters. For example, in the latest quarter update, the average fund in Top 100 WinnersCircle had an annual return that was about 70% higher that of the major market indices during the comparable period.

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