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WinnersCircle™ Top Hedge Fund Managers (1Q/2015 Edition)

Picked From 330+ Top Fund Managers (incl. Guru, Billionaire, Sector & Others)

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The following Table and Charts illustrate the latest 1Q/2015 update of our Performance Rankings for over 330+ Top Fund Managers that we track. These are updated weekly, and the top ten performers every week are posted on our home page. You can get regular updates of the rankings, daily 13D/G filings, and Qtr. SEC 13-F filings for all 330+ top fund managers by registering either as a (free) guest or by subscribing to one our Memberships.

Click here to view the Winners Circle list for FY 2014.

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An blog post on the WinnersCirlce™ Top Hedge Performing Hedge Funds (1Q/2015 Edition), identifying their most bullish pick(s), can be accessed here.

WinnersCircle™: Top Hedge Fund Managers (1Q/2015 Edition)

(Rankings updated weekly on our homepage)

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